Package edu.princeton.wordnet.ejb

Class Summary
CategoryEnumQueryCommand Query for category enumeration
DBImplementation DBImplementation Isolates from dependencies on DBMS
DBQueryCommand Database query command
DocumentFragmentParser DOMFragmentParser build a document fragment from an XML fragment source that has not necessary a unique root element, or that may have text content around the root element(s).
LinkEnumQueryCommand Query for a link enumeration
Mapping Id-name mappings
SynsetsQueryCommand Query command for synsets containing a given word
TypedSynsetsQueryCommand Query command for synsets of a given part-of-speech or category type and containing a given word
VnEntry VerbNet entry
VnFrame VerbNet frame
VnFrameQueryCommand VerbNet Frame query command
VnQueryCommand Query command for VerbNet overview
VnRoleQueryCommand Query command for VerbNet roles
VnSynset Synset extended to hold VerbNet specific data
Word Word
WordNetBean Enterprise Java Bean for WordNet
WordQueryCommand Word query command
XWnData XWordNet data
XWnEntry XWordNet entry (used in overview)
XWnParseLft Parse-Lft pair
XWnQueryCommand XWordNet query command
XWnSynset Synset augmented with XWordNet data
XWnWsd Wsd
XWnWsdParseLftQueryCommand XWordnet query for wsd,parse,lft